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Welcome to Fresh&Go - Your Trusted Source for Premium Orthodontic Care Products At Fresh&Go, we are dedicated to providing top-quality orthodontic care products designed to enhance your oral health and hygiene. Our innovative product range, including mouthwash, retainer cleaner tablets, and more, is crafted to meet the highest standards of effectiveness and convenience. Explore our expertly curated collection and discover how Fresh&Go can help you maintain a fresh, healthy smile every day.

Did you know?

Mouthwash containing alcohol can cause damage to brackets and wires, and dental elastics. This mouthwash manufactured by Ortho-Care (UK) is alcohol free. Alcohol mouthwash can be bad for braces and can cause damage to the brackets and wires, leading to an increased risk of tooth decay.

Furthermore, the rubber components of braces could become weakened by the use of an alcohol containing mouthwash (Holloway, 2023), and as the formulation for this mouthwash does not contain alcohol it can be stated that the formulation is specially designed for orthodontic appliance wearers, with no harm effect to those who do not wear orthodontic appliances.

Benefits of Daily Oral Hygiene

Faster treatment progress

Proper care reduces the risk of complications that may require additional appointments or adjustments.

Fresh Breath with Orthodontic Devices

Fresh&Go products can help individuals maintain fresh breath while wearing braces or other orthodontic devices.

Customised Orthodontic Care Kits

Cleaning around braces can be tricky, but our orthodontic kits provide you with tools designed for efficient plaque and debris removal. Maintain a fresh and clean mouth, reducing the risk of cavities and gum issues during your orthodontic treatment.


What Our Customers Say

Ashlow Orthodontic Practice and its patients love the fresh taste and clean feeling of this new Orthodontic mouthwash from Ortho-Care.
Ashlow Orthodontic Practice
Fleur Dental and our patients find the new Fresh&Go Orthodontic mouthwash a great addition to our oral hygiene range. A refreshing, alcohol free option for both adults and children.
Fleur Dental
As an orthodontic practice we have been very impressed with these new cases. The design of them is lovely. The magnetic closure is extremely good and the cases are sturdy and of a very high standard. Once personalised they are a nice case to give to patients for their aligners or retainers
Cassidy & Mccreesh Practice